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ID Karma mobile app
Share in trustable manner reviews and claims about businesses
and any other online and physical entities and resources.

Manage your personal data and content, selectively sharing them with the people you trust or need

How it works

Step 1

Install ID Karma mobile app and create your personal ID

ID Karma — create new user
Step 2

Connect with your friends sharing your ID Karma address

ID Karma — invite a friend
Step 3

Share your experience with the people in your friends

ID Karma - create a post
Step 4

Bring the speed of light into your business interactions with digital claims

ID Karma — sign documents and establish verifiable relationships

Why ID Karma?

Own and manage your digital identity
Own and manage your digital identity

everything is stored on user devices, we provide just an end-to-end encrypted channel for you

Trust as never before
Trust as never before

all content is signed and owned by specific people you choose to trust

Privacy as never before
Privacy as never before

no 3rd party involved to store or process your content, until you allow it

Build your own network of trust
Build your own network of trust

share, read, learn in private circles of people you trust

Do not rely on complicated crypto
Do not rely on complicated crypto

neither blockchains nor costly cryptocurrency based solutions are needed to achieve fully decentralized experience

Abstract Linear Background

Why decentralized internet matters?

  • Consume only high quality content — no one can feed you with something you haven’t requested or allowed;

  • Experience ultimate privacy by design — reduce your digital footprint that usually discloses your valuable data to corporations, cyber criminals, and government special services;

  • Avoid fakes and spam — receive information only from trusted parties.

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