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Is the ID Karma an entertaining social network?

I’ve already talked about the main qualities of ID Karma as a social network. About privacy and data safety. Capability to decide which content you get and to control your channels in general.

But who do we lie to? People use social networks not for being closed, but for being open, to entertain oneselves. So what social network like value ID Karma can provide? Except for medically clean “valuable value”, that is a great pill, but the pill which tastes a bit bitter.

So where is the entertaining tasty part of ID Karma?

The tasty side

In the first versions we consider to address people that like some intellectual topics to discuss. I’m sorry boys and girls who daily scroll TikTok — the ID Karma won’t likely be interesting for you. Yet. Or not? Let’s figure it out!

Personally, I like to have some intellectual conversations with absolutely different people, about absolutely different topics. They just need to be actual or deep. And I’d be wrong to start developing a product that I personally dislike.

So you can expect some functionality that allows you to have guided conversations about different topics with new random people. What’s most important in this case — an anonymous way, but with a capability to establish connections with the people you like. So you get freedom of speech and equality, because no one in the conversation could know your gender, age, number of followers, or profession.

The word “guided” may look a bit vague, but “random people” should definitely lead the reader to the conclusion that the ID Karma will help you to discover a proper topic to participate in.

I’m sorry for the lack of clarity, but some details could drastically change, while I’m testing it and checking complicated combinatory math of it myself. Nevertheless, it seems to me that everyone would get his or her moment of glory in ID Karma Social Network.

Will it be interesting to people who don’t like intellectual conversations? I don’t know. But recall those people who lie out the word “hitler” in comments to some pretentious or obnoxious people in existing social networks.


We talked about an example of entertaining functionality in ID Karma for those who like intellectual discussions of different topics, for those who like equality, freedom of speech, and who want to be heard for sure.

I would be glad if you share your opinion about such features with me. Feel free to send me a direct message, or share your considerations joining our closed beta test via this link.

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