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Re:view — private discussion network

Share your thoughts and comments in a trustable manner about different online resources, like products, blog articles, and news, within decentralized network of your social circles.
Share your comments online with the people you trust, without unnecessary exposure to public or corporations.

Why ID Karma?

Group Therapy
Browse the Internet, sharing experience with your friends

you’ll see comments and reviews of people you trust right on the product listings, news websites, blog articles, and other Internet resources

Office Meeting
Trust as never before

all content is signed and owned by specific people you choose to trust

Taking the Key
Own your content

share only with your friends, without exposure to public and corporations.

How it works

Step 1

Install ID Karma mobile app and create your personal ID

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Step 2

Install and link browser extension to augment your internet experience

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Step 3

Connect with your friends sharing your ID Karma address

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Step 4

Browse the Internet and open discussions shared with your friends

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Step 5

Engage with the content created by your friends in your timeline

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Step 6

Read the content created by your friends on different internet resources

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Join closed beta testing

Be among the first to experience ID Karma Review Network

​Right now the ID Karma isn't launched in production. Get a unique chance to be among the first beta testers of our next gen. decentralized interaction tech.

  1. Join the cohort of first beta users to influence the development of ID Karma App

  2. Get a chance to become an influencer on the new platform

  3. Receive great discounts or free of charge services after they are launched

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